is a leadership and discipleship programme which is geared towards giving the participants an opportunity to be re-charged and refreshed as they take time to encounter God at a personal level, learn more about themselves and about others.
As a comprehensive programme designed by the Deliverance Church, Connect is for both old and new church members; young and old; Christians and non-Christians ALL people.

Evidently, the core purpose of the entire programme is to reignite our passion for Christ Jesus – and yes, for the Great Commission (Mathew 28:19-20). It’s also about living transformed, righteous lives as prescribed by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. There are no new concepts (doctrines) being taught or some new truths not previously known. All through, the Bible-centered teachings are presented in a simple, interactive way that allow participants to reflect, share their experiences, relate and apply to their day-to-day life experiences.

Connect is an experience where you allow God to
reveal Himself to you, just as you are. Indeed, you get
a unique chance to be serviced, just like our vehicles
need attention to keep working smoothly, when it
leaves the garage, it operates like new!

The program starts with a Connect Seminar (one day), followed by a Connect Weekend Retreat (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon). After these, there are 10 (ten), one-hour Post-Connect classes and another 10 (ten), two-hours Lead-on classes held consecutively every Sunday after the first service. Participants then take on Ministry actions, with God’s leading.

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Experiences / Testimonies of past Connect participants:

“I knew about God, in the same way one would say they know about taxes;
you know enough but don’t pay attention until you really have to. So I took
the leap of faith and signed up for the Connect program. A year on and I’ve
seen a lot of positive benefits out of the program. I’ve gained consistency in
the reading of the Bible and prayer, and I’m more enlightened on God’s
purpose for my life in Christ. I’m also more attuned to the needs of the community,
and thanks to the program, I’m working on a plan that enables me
to use the knowledge of God’s saving power and forgiveness to help others
come to Christ. And most importantly, I’ve come to rely on God for my life,
work, family, health, you name it. It’s not always easy, but I’m thankful for
having gone through Connect and for how it has opened my eyes to this
wonderful life in Jesus Christ.”

“Connect retreat allows one to reflect on their spiritual journey (growth) and
personal relationship with God. A conducive environment is provided,
away from distractions and daily routines of this life, thus enabling you to be
single-minded in God’s presence and experience Him on a personal level.
This is the kind of experience Jacob encountered at Peniel where He met
God face-to-face. From this encounter, God transformed him completely
and equipped him to accomplish His purpose. After a great encounter with
God, attendees engage in further discipleship teachings. This prepares
them for ministry, in and out of the church.”

“We are born, we grow rapidly through expected milestones. In the process,
our cells wear and tear. As this happens, we are reminded of the need to
detox. For sure we spend a lot of finances and time rejuvenating our bodies
e.g. facials, gyms to ensure we remain fit. Spiritually, we are born, crawl,
walk and run; we have to drink milk first before getting to solid food like
meat. In the process, we may tire, get discouraged, get hurt, confused and
may become complacent…. not sure of our stand in Christ Jesus. In life, we
often need to reflect to see how far we have come, what we have achieved
and where we are headed. Connect is a time to retread the tires and rise
again. It is a time to encounter Christ, a time to be reminded of forgiveness
and the need to forgive.”

“Maybe you’re wondering if this is the time for you or whether this is a program
worth signing up for. As human beings, we’re programmedto want to learn more
before we buy something or sign up for a program. It’s okay. But as Christians,
we’re first called to trust in God and lean not on our own understanding. Take that
STEP OF FAITH and trust God that Connect will work for you. HE never fails.