A Sunday Love Story

img_2367The warm early morning sun rays danced in the shadows ushering in this beautiful day.   A Sunday like no other; it was Gladys and Eric’s day. DCKS members sat in the pews eagerly waiting to witness this great occasion (quite an honor) but also to hear from the Lord. The unique blend of white and purple met our eyes as we beheld the theme colors for their wedding.  Truly gorgeous.

The Sunday service began with the Praise and Worship team leading the church to great singing to our God. Soon it was time for the guests of the day to walk down the aisle.  First came the groom. He made quite an entrance with overwhelming joy flashing through his eyes.  The bridal team didn’t disappoint either.  They happily grooved along to their seats as the church cheered on.

And then it was time we all had anticipated for.  The church stood to honor this moment. Heads turned as the bride got ready to take the first stride down the aisle. The most beautiful, yet powerful words of Neema K’s ‘Wewe ni Mungu‘, played in the background. What a magnificent site as we beheld a stunning Gladys adorned in snow white princess ball gown.  Her happy smile greeted us through the laced sheer veil. Slowly but gracefully she walked down the aisle. I couldn’t help it as tears escaped my eyes as I thought of my day. One of these fine days Lord, one of these fine days. Prayer’s up…

Another moment of praise and worship engulfed the air as Gladys and Eric joined in to glorify the Lord for granting them this day and the many blessings upon their lives.

Pastor Wang’ombe titled the day’s sermon Created for Community.  Drawing texts from Genesis 2:15-24 and 1st Corinthians 13:4, he stressed on the following points:

  • A happy marriage begins with the one we love but blossoms when we love the person we marry.
  • There is no challenge strong enough to break marriage as long as we are willing to stop fighting against each other and fight for each other.
  • Small steps in the right direction are better than big steps in the wrong direction.

Great lessons not only for newlyweds but also a reminder for the long married. Of course not forgetting those looking forward to getting into this beautiful journey of marriage.

The Pastor led the now eager bride and groom through the marriage vows.  Keenly, they read out loud their promises to each other, pausing here and there to let it sink in their hearts.   They exchanged their wedding rings with the assurance that God who is the author of marriage is going to take them through their new journey.

Now as man and wife they knelt before God, with the pastors and elders covering them in prayer. Gladys and Eric were then joined in holy matrimony, “and what God has joined together”, the church joined in, “let no man put asunder”. Amen! They signed their marriage certificates and Pastor announced them as the newest couple in town.  The church was in jubilation as they cheered them on.

Mr. and Mrs. Njeru danced their way out of church with their hearts filled with gladness at the doing of the Lord. As they strode out they were eager to walk this new journey together as one.  The joy spelled across their eyes couldn’t be missed!

How beautiful it is when two hearts come together allowing God to fully be their foundation.  To order their steps and lead the way. How peaceful it is walking down the aisle knowing that you have truly honored God and He is smiling down on you. And the assurance that when we completely allow Him to take the wheel He wows us, walks with us daily, strengthens us, and never forsakes us.  Our hope indeed is in Him.

Oh God, may your name be praised!

And one of my friends was quick to note that this is one wedding that has been attended by most members of DCKS. The minute that statement hit the ground, the chorus ‘I am getting married on a Sunday filled the air’.  Well, we can only wait and see. JJ

Congratulations Gladys and Eric.  May our good Lord truly bless your marriage.

Somebody shout Amen!

By Grace Marangu

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