All in the Year of an Intern


I’m Daphne, a young Kenyan lady who loves to enjoy life! I’m extremely grateful to have been brought out of the Kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of light – in Christ I’ve found real joy and true life  J

I’ve mostly lived in Nairobi, going through life with my darling mother and two little brothers. After completing my undergraduate studies in Electronic and Computer Engineering, I was looking for a year-long opportunity in Christian missionary training. I bumped into iServe Africa (iSA) around then, and have been thanking God for that “coincidence” ever since! After induction training, iSA commissioned me to serve at Deliverance Church Kahawa Sukari (DCKS). I began last September, and am pretty sad that my official time here ends this August.

At DCKS, I assist with the Children’s Ministry. I was really excited when I was asked to take up the position, thinking I’d spend much of my time with the children of the church. It didn’t take long to discover that my job was mostly an administrative one, where I mainly deal with the adults who work with the children! I’ve slowly learnt to appreciate that mundane admin work is actually “administry” – a very crucial ministry if any effective Christian work is to happen.

Each week, I ensure that each of the eight Sunday school classes has a teacher and the needed materials. In fact, on Sundays, I’m usually so busy ensuring things are running smoothly (enough!) that I shy away from taking up teaching roles. I also coordinate other children’s ministry programs like Bible clubs. I’m really excited that we’ve just kicked off a well-coordinated Bible-club / mentorship program for about 26 children, dubbed GEMS/BEMS (Girls / Boys Everywhere Meeting the Savior).

One huge event on the Junior Church calendar is the annual Vacation Bible School (VBS), coming up this August. I’ve been kept on my toes with all the logistics and administration that’s involved in preparing to excitingly engage 600 children with the Word of God for 5 days! Our VBS theme this year is “Cave Quest: Following Jesus, The Light of the World”. I’m really glad that Christ will be the clear focus all week, and pray that the significance of the Cross will be clearly taught and understood.

It’s been really exciting to teach children ages 6-8 during a weekly Pastoral Program at Ndiini Primary School.  Friday morning is usually the highlight of my week as I dance and jump with them, singing and acting out different Bible stories. I’d hoped to take them through the story of Jesus in the entire Bible using key characters and events. That didn’t quite happen – we slowly worked through Genesis, then dashed over Moses, Joshua, David and Elijah.

I enjoyed taking a group of 8-10 year old girls through the book of Ruth in April (pictured with me {below}). I‘d hoped to study John with one of the support staff, but the challenges of illiteracy and erratic work schedules meant that we didn’t get past Chapter 1! On a happier note, the group of ladies with whom I’m studying Ephesians has been a great encouragement. I hope to see them take up ownership and leadership of the group.

While here at DCKS, I’ve learnt to appreciate different ways of “doing church” as long as they don’t conflict with Scripture. On top of that, experiencing the amount of effort that goes into running a church from the back end has helped me gain a much deeper level of appreciation for pastors and other church staff. Praise God that I’m now much less likely to complain when I see things falling through the cracks in Christian organizations, and more likely to think of what help can be offered.

In general, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at DCKS. The staff and church members are very warm and welcoming. I’m privileged to be serving under very down-to-earth pastors – a rare occurrence in today’s Christian circles, sadly. As advised by iSA, I’ve been studying through Mark with a mentor, Mary Namu. She has become a dear friend, along with many other people I’ve met here. The thought of bidding the DCKS community farewell in the next short while is actually a painful one.

The triannual ministry training courses by iSA have been extremely beneficial. Through these, I’ve learnt a myriad of practical skills as well as Bible-handling techniques. DCKS programs like Connect and CBRSM (Consistent Bible Reading and Scripture Meditation) have really helped me grow in Christlikeness and orderliness. Another significant mode of discipleship this year has been the reading of amazingly eye-opening biblical books recommended by iSA.

Being in a volunteer position, I raise most of my monthly support. I have been amazed at the way in which different members of my family in Christ have been happy to sacrificially provide for my material needs. May God teach me to abound in generosity, even as I have been generously served!

Looking back over the past 11 months, I can’t say I’ve made any huge revolutionary changes at DCKS. The greatest change, I’d say, has been in my heart. Much as I’m still far from being the sort of servant leader I see in Christ, great strides have been made in that direction through my time in service. I’m really grateful to my supervisors, colleagues and fellow congregants for being used of God to challenge and mold me.

Looking forward, I hope to learn more about Bible handling, especially with regard to teaching women and children. Please pray with me for guidance, provision and increased trust as I pursue such opportunities.

Baraka tele! (Lots of blessings!)

Daphne Kabeberi,
iServe Africa apprentice