Friday, 22nd   September, 2017 saw Deliverance church Kahawa Sukari play host to an elegant candle-lit dinner. The outdoor event held at The Outback Bazaar had a classy combination of color and design, with paper and traditional lanterns that lit up the place. The theme color of the event, blue, was a perfect selection. Indeed, the Décor Team outdid themselves in creating a masterpiece in entirety. The Word of God and life stories shared were undeniably in season. This was a well-attended event with well over 70 guests.

Much appreciation goes to the Host Church D.C.K.S.; the main organizers of the event: Fred, Ana-Mwende and Julius for the wonderful work they did; and the décor team, also dubbed “the fantastic four plus one” under the leadership of the ever charming Cynthia. This team consisted of Annabel, Suzan, Fred plus Timo who stepped up and ensured that guests were left amazed.

The MCees Alex and Kabingu, together with one of the organisers, Ana -Mwende.

The atmosphere of the day was one of love, hearty cheer and warmth, of course, despite the breeze. Guests started walking in as early as 6:00 o’clock in the evening and were entertained with soft gospel jazz by the event DJ, Mickey the music guru. Super MC Sir Alex together with partner in crime, Kabingu, rocked the house and kept the guests entertained. Fun and laughter was the order of the day with one of the MC quotes, “Usikose bibi na Bibilia” interpreted as do not lack a wife and a Bible.

The guests were amazing to say the least – as they rose up to the occasion and ensured that they represented the youth church to the max. Official, traditional, casual! I tell you they did it all. Much awaited couple of the day Sir Charles and the ever glorious Gloria also came out in style and left guys tweeting and facebooking all night. Pastor Silas Owiti was also in attendance accompanied by his dear wife Lorraine Owiti. The mother of two came out eminently with a unique style both in dressing and presentation, which I believe was quite admirable.

The event kicked off on a high note with a memorable feast. The food branch of the youth church also dubbed the “ulafi lazima Sacco” rose up to the occasion and ensured that they maintained their place in history as the group to always include while hosting an event. Cheers to Timothy who prepared the scrumptious meal.

The activities of the day were also quite joyous with Sam Othiambo and Jane Muthuri starring in an actioned-packed conversation facilitated by the MCs in which they were only allowed to use hand gestures and facial expressions. The duo left the guest laughing and giggling as each of them perfectly represented the characters.

The Ministering Couple: Balusi and Tish, in company of a friend.

After dining, Mr. Balusi and his lovely wife, Tish, the amazing power couple, took the stage to deliver a sermonette. Balusi connected with us with such ease as he shared his life story. He briefly gave his past experiences before he got to know Christ; and how later on, after getting saved, he also ministered to his cousin who also got saved after a while. Balusi and his cousin were living together at that time. His cousin wasn’t saved and lived a worldly life; but later on after persistent prayers and influence from God through Balusi, he gave his life to Christ. Balusi was a witness in the words he spoke and in the life he lived.

Key highlights of the sermonette were the principles of: abundance, the supernatural, preparation, proximity, process – which are vital considerations to be an effective witness of Jesus Christ. He stated that “if you are to influence someone you have to be prepared” and truly preparation determines the outcome.

At about 11:00 p.m. it was a wrap, the Rubies life group bagged the prize of the night as the Life Group with the most members that day. It was truly a glamorous night and I look forward to a bunch more before I grow old.

Thanks be to God