The Brown Fox

Quick Brown Fox

Have you ever thought about it, how we quickly auctioned our country to a bidder we fed and cultivated with our own hands, the pet we thought we could control, the brown fox we cheer along as it boastfully wanders through our pathways and yet history had warned us, “I have seen how the fox works” history states, “I saw what it did to Rwanda and am seeing what it’s doing to you, it is destroying you!” But then again we put up fences to keep the fox out in the name of education, politics, constitutional rights and enlightenment.

We say to ourselves “Mimi si mkabila wale ndo wakabila” and as soon as we hear the talks on the brown fox we light up quick, we want our views to be heard, “our views are important”, we state. We go ahead and put them up on social networks for the world to see, it doesn’t have to be a tribal comment, it only has to appear like one. That’s all it takes and our social networks would be filled with insults, the brown fox wins for the night. We rest for the night, furthermore we are doing nothing wrong “Mimi sio mkabila” we say. The brown fox takes a rest too well until it’s called upon. It’s always there where we gave it room, in our hearts!

If it does damage, we will do as we always do; we will rally an enlightenment campaign, invite international participants and move on as we always do. Still the brown fox wins. If the damage is too serious, we will go to the international court, then we will say to one another “korti inapaswa ifunge hao watu wanaukabila, wanatuharibia nchi” and then? Two cheers for the brown fox as it takes home the cup. But then again, why should we let it? The brown fox is an animal of color; we know how it looks like.

If tribalism is a sin, then it is yours and mine. We not only need to be conscious about it but also sensitive to it. Let’s starve the brown fox and instead feed hope. Let’s choose love instead, where love fails, let respect come in, where respect is subdued, let hope remind us that a future as one is better than no future at all. Kenya is you and Me, Kenya is tomorrow. 

By Alvo Kabingu