Home- Cells Overview

Home-Cells Overview

We greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. Welcome to the cell group ministry. Cell groups traditionally met in the brethren’s’ houses, as used to happen in the early church (Acts 2:46). Just as cell groups were the backbone of the early church, so are they today.

Advantages of Belonging To a Cellgroup:

1 . To fellowship with the other members on one-on-one basis. This entails praying for one another and lifting each other burdens, as happened in the early church (Acts 2:44-45).
2.Through the cell groups, the pastor gets to know the members of the church which makes it easier for him to step in and provide services to the members whenever needed.
3.Failing to associate with a cell group makes the church membership more amorphous, impersonal and also incognito and therefore involvement of the church management in the affairs of individual church members, becomes more difficult and bureaucratic.
Cell group ministry requires the faithful to voulunteer their services by taking up leadership to form cell groups in their neighborhood and faithfully participating in all their activities. Remember serving the Lord not in vain as you will be paid handsomely here on earth and eternal life afterwards (Mark 10:29) God bless you as you plan to get involved. Bro C.K. NJOROGE – Cell group coordinator.

Who is eligible for this class?

1.New Believers in Christ
2.Born again who wish to learn on the basic truths of being a disciple.
3.Those who wish to give their life in Christ

Opportunities To Serve in this Ministry:

This is an opportunity for those willing to join in the service in the following areas:
Intercessory, and much more. For more information contact the church office or Mrs.Magdalene Mbugua.


Ufunuo is a fellowship or a home cell set by and for all house working ladies in Kahawa Sukari and its environs.

Core Values

Spiritual uplifting: One to another through prayers and testimonies.
Physical: To assist one another either financially or materially.
Friendship: We believe in living as one, working with one accord for the glory and honor of God.
Who can join:Any lady, young or old, with or without children but works in the same emvironment(House Keeping).

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