School of Preaching

The School of preaching was born in 2014 out of an action plan from one of the Timothy Leadership Training modules (Biblical Preaching). That year, our Preacher was Dr. Garry Baker who taught on expository preaching. We had 33 participants from 13 churches.

The following year (2015), we had Rev Neil Jasperse. He built on the earlier theme of expository preaching and especially preaching Christ from the Old Testament, among other subjects. We had 47 participants from six churches. In 2016, Rev Ed Tamminga was our key preacher. He was speaking on the relevance of Revelation today. The participants were 116 from 16 churches.

In 2017, Rev Ryan Faber was our Bible expositor, preaching and teaching from the Book of Daniel. We had 159 participants from 16 churches. During those four years, we have seen greater awareness of the importance of Biblical preaching in the congregation at DCKS. Some of our leaders who preach regularly in our pulpit are now better at sermon preparation, preaching and also identifying the various types of sermons. They can also tell the difference between a Biblical, Christ exalting and a bad sermon. Through the School of Preaching, DCKS has helped leaders from participating churches sharpen their Bible handling skills, love the Bible and preach better.

Leaders have been equipped not only with the art and science of preaching but also in understanding difficult texts like the book of Revelation and Daniel. It has also helped build friendship among leaders from different participating churches. Overall, the School of Preaching has contributed in growing healthy churches that are Bible centered.

This is what Rev. Mathias Muthoka from Redeemed Gospel Church (RGC) Kanzokea (SoP 2016) had to say: β€œThe School of Preaching enlightened me on the issues highlighted in the book of Revelation. I began to see the book in a different version I had never seen. Before then, I was even evading preaching from the book of Revelation but recently I preached from the same book in a crusade. I realized there is a lot of Gospel wealth in the book. I have also continued to study the book since then.”

When asked whether the SOP has been useful to his ministry, Pst. Francis Kariuki from Deliverance Church Kizito (SoP 2016) said: β€œAbsolutely the training was very beneficial to me. It elevated me. I was able to understand what God has revealed in the book of Revelation. Preaching through the book gave light and guidance to me as a preacher. It complimented what I have learned in other forums including Bible School. The knowledge of application was expanded and complemented.” With the church growing very fast in this part of the world, there is a danger of having a Christians who are not well founded in Scripture. This challenge is especially glaring with the spread of cults and shades of the Christian faith that cannot be called Bible-based. Noting that theological training has not been accessible to majority of those who are in church leadership and who preach regularly, the School of Preaching is a powerful tool at equipping leaders for Bible-based service. DCKS therefore views the SOP as its premier contribution to the wider Body of Christ in this part of the city. We look forward to growing it into an annual preaching conference that will serve and equip many diverse leaders for the church in Kenya. We are working and praying towards this goal for the SOP 2018