A story of being prized and belonging in an affectionate community.

My name is Sheena Murabula. I am a fourth Born in our family. I got saved in June, 2012. After My life in campus I anticipated serving in a local church. One thing led to another and by God’s undeserved grace I was contacted and interviewed by iServe Africa, after which I was posted here at the Deliverance Church Kahawa Sukari, to serve in the children department and in the worship ministry.

My involvement in the children section has helped me raise the value of authentic teaching of the Gospel to the children, since they are in need of the Saviour and tender leading at this crucial stage of their lives. Through my teaching in the Junior Church Ministry I sense that I have become more deliberate in preparing Sermons, in my personal devotions, in reading widely and acquiring information from other sources and in building relationships. I appreciate that I’m an imperfect jar being perfected by the creator.

The junior church ministry here at the Deliverance Church Kahawa Sukari is blessed with abundant volunteers who diligently serve and partner with God in raising a godly generation among our children. Because of being intentional in my service at the Junior church and deliberately connecting with both my peers and those who are older than me: I marvel at my growth curve each day and thank God for this prospect to fellowship and serve in this church. At staff level, Junior church, life group level and at the worship team level, I’ve found a loving family that cares and loves me deeply. I have also been exposed to trainings, programmes and consultations which challenge me to think beyond today and face the future with boldness. I’m being built up in every aspect of my life and equipped to be a leader in my own generation with my skill set sharpened and reinforced. I’ve also learnt to be open to disciple others.

My Challenge to each of us as we Celebrate New members.

To Everyone:

Real Church membership is a call from God to use our gifts in the service of God and fellow human. It’s a call to deliberately connect with people and to be an instrument in the hands of God that not only builds but brings a sense of belonging here in the life of our church. Instead of watching others do it, be a blessing to someone while you’re still on this side of eternity.

To the youth;

This church has terrific opportunities for service unto The Lord. Be connected and watch yourself grow exponentially.

To Parents;

Teach a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it.