The Right to Good luck
If only we could have enough or more than it,
If you so wish you probably could stride your way to it
A road full of luck, not just luck but the good kind of it
I mean good shoes; good trousers too, fancy trips and huge tips to it
Pats in the back a long with never ending praises, and not just luck
But countless of it, I am a Christian a lucky man I must say
Sin and bad health are well taken care of, i know the Man, the right
Man I must say, he must be a giver of luck, if not, it makes me insane
I can do bad I say, all by myself, I have luck, the good kind of it, I need no help
I eat well and sleep too, the word tells me I will get through, and it must be luck,
The good kind of it, so I will sin a little with a promise to stop, if I fall sick I hope
To get well soon, I cannot be sick or suffer through a disease; I have luck the good kind of it
Ask me twice, ask me thrice and I will tell you are right, good luck Christian and it comes with
Mercy says no, there is no luck to it, Grace says son there is more love to this.
A love that knew no death, a love that comes with peace, an eternal love that holds
On, it says son he is an Eternal God, His love goes beyond, beyond the lost hopes
Beyond the broken spirits, His love will keep you beyond the lacks of life, for He is life
Itself, the author of it,
Fear not if fear casts in, fear not if you loose more than you would give, fear not,
For luck is not it, I love you, and I did die for it (John 3:16) be grateful for in all
I still stand as God, the only Right we have is a Right to Love (John 13:34)

Kabingu Alvin