The Right to Good luck If only we could have enough or more than it, If you so wish you probably could stride your way to it A road full of luck, not just luck but the good kind of it I mean good shoes; good trousers too, fancy trips and huge [...] Read More »


No More Dress for Christmas! I treasure my childhood memories of Christmas celebrations in my family, church and the village. The nostalgic images of new clothes; bread (bofulo/vovulo) for breakfast, chapati and other delicacies; family reunion; [...] Read More »


Born again The maker of heaven and earth, he who sees no darkness, Greater than the mountain you are For in your condescending grace I have found comfort, In your love, I have found an Identity, for I born of sin Was rescued with love, a love [...] Read More »


There is no one single culture that can predominantly describe Kenya. Nevertheless, its multilingual state puts it on the map with coherent description. According to ethnologies, Kenya has over 50 different languages spoken. However, English and [...] Read More »


When I sat down for a snack I couldn’t help but notice the dust that had formed up on the window. I had been outside. At twelve o’clock the day was at its brightest. The sun was out and yet through the window the day seemed dull as if to almost [...] Read More »

A Sunday Love Story

The warm early morning sun rays danced in the shadows ushering in this beautiful day.   A Sunday like no other; it was Gladys and Eric’s day. DCKS members sat in the pews eagerly waiting to witness this great occasion (quite an honor) but also to [...] Read More »

The Brown Fox

Have you ever thought about it, how we quickly auctioned our country to a bidder we fed and cultivated with our own hands, the pet we thought we could control, the brown fox we cheer along as it boastfully wanders through our pathways and yet [...] Read More »