The Experience is a weekly forum where campus and college students and the would be mentors meet students to encourage, empower, edify one another and evangelize by sharing our experience with Christ. It was started back in 2012 by the then youth committee of Deliverance church Kahawa Sukari . Students within the estate were only getting exposure to the word of God only during Sunday Services and therefore most of the time their needs were not being met in addition to that, a rising number of campus students within the sorroundings lacking a place to fellowship was looming, hence triggered formation of theExperiencedid, which did not take quite a long time to build momentum since the young people were really craving for a place where they would easily identify with other young people, and a place they would actually learn the word of God without the Sunday service monotony; but what made even perfect were the topics they got to discuss every Thursday; since they were things they were going through everyday in their respective campuses. The program has become a platform where members share God’s word, share their campus experiences, make lifelong friendships, empower, nurture their talents, and also teach them on the responsibilities of serving God whilst in their youth. Our meetings are seasonal; we meet for a period of three months then break for a whole month. Each season has its theme thus enabling us to discuss the various topics at full length. Thursday is our meeting day from 6:30-9:00pm at The Outback Bazaar. The next time you happen to be in sukari or its neighboring environs you’re very much welcomed to stop by. The journey has not been easy but we are actually very grateful to God that we have touched so many lives through this program.