Ushering and Hospitality


1.We gladly receive members into the sanctuary, smile and present them with firm handshakes, lead them into the sanctury, hand them the weekly bulletin, and lead/direct them to the seats.
2.We also do offering collection and present visitors with brochures detailing information about the church. Ushering is not limited to Sunday Services only, but also included Tuesday prayers, church prayer and fasting days on Saturdays, and special events days.


How You Can Plug-in:

We are also concerned with hospitality activities both in the church and the neighborhood. This includes, but is not limited to, serving the church members and the visitors with tea after the service. We also help thoose who need help in finding their way around the church compound.

This ministry cuts accross both ladies and gents, and therefore, all are invited to participate.




  • 1.Be born again and show the willingness and commitment, remebering that this is service to God.
  • 2.Have the right attitude and be in the right spirit with God.
  • 3.Sensitivity to people‚Äôs feelings, having a caring attitude and courtesy.

Everyone is invited to participate in this ministry- you will be blessed as you bless others.Questions and concerns can be addressed from the ushering desk, or from any leader/usher.